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Some Queer Values

This is not an exhaustive list. This is a list that I am coming up with tonight because it is on my mind. Value systems are complicated things that should grow organically as needed.


Everyone is capable of the same glorious and terrible things. I reject the idea that certain groups of people have some intrinsic predeliction towards ability or behavior in one area or another.


Equality does not mean that everyone is the same, nor that they should be the same. I reject the idea that because one person achieved something it is universally achievable. Just because our culture values people who are good at sports does not mean all people can or should aspire to doing something sports-related.


Each person should be recognized to have their own agency. We should encourage and support people in making their own choices in life. The job of teachers and mentors is to support and assist people in defining and achieving their goals. Not in shepherding them into appropriate goals. (I could rant about this extensively, and might in the future. TL; DR: If you don't start helping a person by asking them what they want, you're probably doing it wrong.)


There is no right or wrong pace. You do not need to process, speak, or act with either rapidity or deliberation. Sometimes conflict arises because people operate at different speeds. Resolution of that conflict comes from understanding each other and finding common ground, but probably does not include any party simply sacrificing their pacing.

These next two come as a pair

Busy-ness is not a virtue

There is nothing wrong with a full schedule, but there is also nothing virtuous about it.

Availability is not a virtue

There is nothing wrong with being available and flexible to other peoples schedules, but there is also nothing virtuous about it.

Another pair

There is no virtue in age

Not for people or ideas. Surviving does not lend an idea weight nor does it earn a person respect

There is no virtue in newness

Not for people or ideas. Being fresh does not lend an idea weight or make a person more valuable.

Note: I have personal bias towards the new. I believe that progress is built upon what came before and that moving forward should be embraced. Because of this I am more willing than most to put aside tradition and history. It's not that I don't value what was, it's just that I think that we can't make something better without being willing to destroy it.

That noted: I believe really strongly in both of these principles. Just because it's new doesn't make it intrinsically more valuable than something that has been around for ages. And Vice Versa. While I am biased towards the new, there are lots of new ideas that are absolute shite. Like Google Glass.

Diversity is important

Our practices and faith can only be strengthened by diversity. We should not only embrace it, but seek it out and invite it, even when it's uncomfortable.

The Journey is as important as the destination

I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. Our lives may start with the ending already known, but nobody knows what circuitous adventure lies between birth and death. The path you walk and the way you walk it are as important and meaningful as where you're going.