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The divine might not have a dick

Note: This post was inspired by a rant George McGeorge made on facebook January 19th, 2016.

I get it. We see the divine as reflections of ourselves. We see them anthropomorphically because that is how we best understand them. We think of them as having the same values, concerns, and obsessions we do. We project on to them our fears and urges.

And from that projection they may learn of us and share with us the experiences of the mortal coil.

But the divine are not mortal. They are not flesh and blood and they do not have a physical body. The only shape they have is the shape they borrow from us, and that may or may not include a dick or a pussy.

And understanding this is more crucial and important than it seems. What we see in the divine is part of how we see the sacred around us. So when we have the hubris to assume the divine must have a dick, it is natural for us to assume that the dick is sacred, and so people without a dick, meaning people not made in the image of that divinity, must not be sacred or beloved of that divinity.

That is a trap. It is a trap that we have fallen into over and over again as a species. The truth is that the divine are more myriad and mysterious than we can know. If your divine has a dick that's great. But don't insist that I suck it. Your worship doesn't define mine.