/ Queer Spirit

A Queer Witches Calling

Point of Place

I stand outside the world

Queer spirit: Singing, Yearning, Keening

My open heart a beacon

Compass of the World

To cast my light upon

Queer spirit: Lost, Alone, Afraid

Our circled hearts calling

Cauldron of Creation

Forth a people of the pyre

Queer spirit: Changing, Wreaking, Joining

The bubbling heart awaiting

Spiral of Existence

The light of future past

Queer spirit: Spinning, Shining, Spirals

The point of fire strikes

Staff of Life

A rod of divine light

Traverses space and time

Horn of Plenty

To overflow the horn

Pour sea-foam into flowers

Blade of Vitality

That float upon the surface

Of the world awaiting names

Paten of Fulfillment

Then flow to open hearts

a blossom or a boon

Point of Place

My open heart a doorway

Queer spirit: United, Fulfilled, Enjoined

To stand outside the world

Astride the steed of time