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The need for Queer Witchcraft: Part 2

In part 1 I wrote about the desire of practitioners to do things the right way, and how the right way is less about arbitrary rules or tradition, and more about value and meaning.

Why we need Queer Witchcraft: Part 2


  • We run logical obstacle courses to try and fit in.
  • Conversely, we exaggerate and flaunt our otherness to protect ourselves and maintain a safe distance from others.

Authenticity is difficult because I'm not capable of judging what is authentic for another witch. I can only determine what is authentic and meaningful for my practice.

But I have done these things, and I know that other witches have as well. We need Queer Witchcraft because we need a way to access and engage with the things that make us other in a way that neither suppresses nor exploits our otherness.


We need Queer Witchcraft because regardless of the fact that all witches are other, not all witches are aware of the inequality around them. I will eventually post in detail about this, but the prevalence of gender essentialism in witching communities is extremely troubling. I've met witches who insist that women can only have relationships with female identified divinities, and vice versa. And it's not just inequality around gender. Basically all the same prejudices that exist in the cultures we are a part of exist within our craft as well.

We need Queer Witchcraft to question assumptions. The driving force behind stereotypes is the assumption that they must be basically true. Queer Witchcraft opens its doors to all questions. We must be willing to challenge our most basic assumptions.

And that too, is fucking hard. It's really hard to look in the mirror and question your motivations. It's hard to think about the idea that maybe something you've built a great deal of your practice on might not be literally true. It's hard to consider that you may need to change.

We need a witchcraft that is willing to throw anything out the window if it is problematic. Witchcraft that is willing to start at the beginning to find something genuine.