/ Queer Spirit

Calling the Queer Divine

With an open heart I call to you

Bright spirit of effervescent flame,
Spark of the shining Divine,
Child of stars and parent to sky.

Hear my words. I call you forth.

From the flame that resides within my heart
from within the heart of each queer one,
be they gendered or genderless.

From the iridescent aurora that lives upon our breath,
from within the outcast and oppressed,
from the ones who love or do not love
whether they be unabashedly true to the spark in their spirit
or blush in fear or shame.

Queer Divine

Parent, sibling, lover, friend, and adversary, I call to you.

Speak to each heart that is open to your voice,
Sing to each spirit that yearns for a song to dance to,
Embrace the body and uplift the mind,
Bless us with your presence and your sight.

Let the Phoenix descend upon us,
let us find the flames of transformation.

Through them let us find our way to you and you to us.

Queer Divine

Rise up to guide and guard, to hold and nurture, to bless and heal, to seek and steady.