/ Queer Spirit

The Divine Youth

Not all children come of parents.

The Divine Youth:
eternal child of the starry firmament
graceless and grace-filled font of light
precocious adept of the unending mystery

You are the queer spark,
the light that kindles the flames of transformation.

You are first and last and wondering at that place.

The jungle, overgrown with concrete and bullets, is your home as much as the glade. For even as we yearn to protect you, you protect us.

Your wonder is our shield against the shadows of apathy, and it is the gift of immediacy and presence amongst the strife of the world.

We call you forth unknowing, in moments where time ceases and we are caught amongst the stars, and moments where the stars are caught amongst us.

You come to us and from us, but,
Not all children come of parents.